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The future awaitsIn the areas where culture, technology and economy intersect looks for new strategies and tools to help realise ancient aspirations.

Current fields of special interest range from cultural critique and diagnosis to open source tools, art forms, grassroots activism, permaculture and cryptocurrency. is an alternative social thinktank working on the systemics of global culture, technology and economy. Central to our endeavours are the concepts of cultural capital and sustainability. Our approach covers diagnosis and critique of cultural patterns, research into solutions and experimenting with models of cultural renewal.

How is culture constructed? Wat role do belief and value systems play in the propagation of culture? In our view, culture is a layered phenomenon that is anchored in the collective actions of a cultural mesh or specific social group. But equally important is the reflection on cultural constructs, values and practices by an intellectual elite. This codification of actions into formalised models helps participants to comprehend the magnitude of their individual decisions and the repercussions for the whole society or group(s) in which their actions cause an effect. seeks to bring together professionals in interdisciplinary and integrative projects that help build the cultural infrastructure for the world of tomorrow.

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